Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Chances are that you have heard this question a few times in your life already. I know I did. It probably started in high school when I was figuring out which subjects I like in order to apply to university and the last time I heard it was a few months ago when I had my last interview for the job I currently have.

While I’m not personally a big fan of this question because I believe that we live in a very fast-paced world where 5 years seems like an eternity, I do think that it’s important to have some kind of personal goals in place – enough to give you a direction.

Passive income

My initial goal is to reach 1350 € as monthly passive income. I have chosen this number because this is approximately the amount I need to keep my current standard of living without using any of my salary. I do know that this will not happen overnight, but I am excited to see how fast I can reach it.

Let’s see how long until I get there!


I have put some thinking into what I want to achieve in 2019 and I have split the goals in different categories. The relevant ones for this blog are the ones related to finance so I will share them here:

Savings rate: 30% or more for the whole year

Passive income: reach 100 euros/month

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